Friday Freebie: 4 tix to Tigers exhibit at South Street Seaport!

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Digi-Track Wall (winner of Wired Mag's NextFest People's Choice award)

We have a 4-year old cheetah, tiger, leopard nut living in our house. So, it was with incredible excitement that our family and another family with a big cat nut themselves went to the Tigers- Tracking a Legend show at South Street Seaport.

Tigers- Tracking a Legend is a hands-on exploration about a tiger family and its habitat. The stories are told through sophisticated interactive displays, a movie and even a digital wall game. There are stations throughout the exhibit where you can stamp your passport to show you have been tracking a tiger- and smelling stations too. There are a couple of sound booths where you listen and then emulate the cries of a tiger.  It’s engaging and teaches the kids how animals communicate their needs using different frequencies and sounds. Our kids fought over who got to pull the joystick to feel the bite strength of the tiger  vs. other animals, which taught them which mammals have the strongest bite. Two of the biggest hits were the video about a family of tigers and the digital wall game.  The Digi-Track Wall (winner of Wired Magazine’s NextFest People’s Choice award) dominates one side of the exhibit that encourages kids and parents to climb, slap and run the length of the blinking wall to follow tiger tracks, rainfalls and bees. All 4 of our children aged from 14 months to 4 years and both dads were wildly running back and forth and up and down playing the games. It was a total blast to watch too. The exhibit is at South Street Seaport, so it’s plopped down in the middle of the mall so you lose the ambience of the original installation of the exhibit (original installation photos are shown here). But, after the show, just walk outside to the food court, order a meal and take it outside to one of the benches to enjoy the beautiful water view. Alternatively, you can go to the Water Taxi Beach, eat, play miniature golf and goof around in the sand.

A sign that the exhibit was good for both kids and parents: my son has asked to return to it, our toddlers roar and crawl like tigers, and both the other mom and I now have a ton of interesting tiger factoids to entertain ALL our tiger nuts with.

What you win: A family 4 pack of tickets to see Tigers- Tracking a Legend

How to enter: Tell us a fun summer activity you like to do (with or without kids).  Just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. (You can enter as many times as you like.)

Notification: The winner will be picked through a random number generator ( and will be announced on this blog next Friday, June 11th. Check back!
If you don’t win the tickets, you can buy them at the box office across from the exhibit. I wouldn’t suggest getting them at Ticketmaster since they charge their regular handling fees.

Showing the evolution of the tiger

A driving game to test the bite strength of the tiger

The sound booth where you can record your tiger's cry

The diorama fo the tigers

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  1. when summer comes, our summer activity ranges from kayaking to mountain climbing and also hiking too “:.

  2. everyone would love to have some summer activity because it is always fun and lively “

  3. I also love taking my kids to the Cloisters, in Inwood Park. They feel like it is a magical kingdom with dragons and princesses’.

  4. We also love taking the kids to Sesame Place at least 3 or 4 times in the summer, they are at the perfect age, and they love the water rides.

  5. I also love taking my kids on the Air Train, my 4 year old son loves trains and especially this one, cause from the Air Train, I take him to the airport to see the airplanes take off!

  6. I love taking my kids to Sheepshead Bay, eat at Applebee’s and enjoying all the veiws of the marina there. Kids have a blast by the marina.

  7. My kids also love going to Nellie Bly, which is know Royal Adventures for rides, mini golf course there.

  8. We love day trips to Governor’s Island – our kids especially love the mini golf and the Civil War reenactment. My 5 yo daughter has been asking me for almost a year now when we can go see the prisoners again.

  9. a fun summer activity we do as a family is go visit the NY Aquarium (we are WCS members) and then go for a walk on the boardwalk, have a hot dog and let my daughter ride a couple of the kiddie rides!

  10. One summer activity that I love to do myself, is sleep late on weekend mornings till 8:00 am, and then make a cup of tea for my wife, since she has been a “doll,” to watch all the kids since 6:00 am.

  11. I love taking my kids to all the different zoos, we joined the WCS fund this Spring, go to the zoos evey weekend, kids are obsessed with Prospect Park Zoo. My son knows the layout so well, I think they may want to hire him as a “docent” at age 4.

  12. My kids love boat rides, especially the ferry boat ride, we take every week with them.

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