Bright Horizons Opening New Daycares in Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn

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Bright Horizons will be making an impact on Brooklyn daycare in 2013. They will open not one, but two enormous daycare facilities in the next year: one in downtown Brooklyn and the other in Williamsburg.

The location in downtown Brooklyn will be at 345 Adams St across from Brooklyn Borough Hall.  The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the space will be around 15,000 square feet.  In Williamsburg, Bright Horizons is leasing approximately 21,000 square feet in a new residential building at 175 Kent Ave., between North 3rd and North 4th Streets.

Bright Horizons Daycare Opening at 345 Adams. Photo courtesy of

175 Kent Ave in Williamsburg

Who is Bright Horizons?

According to Wikipedia, “The Bright Horizons operates more than 900 child care centers worldwide, more than 550 across the U.S. and more than 100 in the UK and Ireland.  In 2008, Bright Horizons Family Solutions was named for the ninth time to Fortune Magazine’s annual “100 Best Places to Work in America.”[3] Bright Horizons continues to be named on the list for the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth time in 2009, 2010, and 2011.”

On their site, Bright Horizons say that they not only provide daycare but “in addition, we provide back-up care solutions for children and elders, college counseling services, and an array of other work/life solutions for working families.”

I toured one in Chicago for my sister and found it had a focused curriculum and enthusiastic teachers. Anyone had experience with them?

345 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-488-7770
Open to the Community
Hours of Operation: TBD
Ages Served: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool,
175 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-302-1113
Open to the Community
Hours of Operation: M-F: 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Ages Served: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool,

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  1. I’ve had my baby at the Adams St location in downtown BK for a couple months now, and I’d hate to say it, but I’m definitely less than impressed. Especially given the reputation, and all the good things I had heard about Bright Horizons centers while we were daycare searching.

    If you have other options, my 2 cents is to explore those a bit more before settling on this center (frankly, I wish I had other options at this point…). Perhaps it’s because this center is still fairly new and ironing the kinks out, but it just feels poorly run…

    For example, floaters and subs run my baby’s classroom several days of the week instead of the regular full time teachers. Everyone is very nice, but there are subs in there running the room who don’t know the kids names let alone their schedules! And BH touts the fact that they will follow your infants own schedule – yet the schedules are not posted anywhere in the room and you have a person running the room who doesn’t know the schedule?

    Another example – they have daily sheets that they are supposed to fill out with the times the baby ate, napped, diaper changes, etc. Yet we find inconsistencies on there quite often – how could the baby be napping and eating at that same time? Or when we make notes about what should happen that day, it gets missed (i.e. feed baby this at 10:30a, at the end of the day you see it says the feeding happened at 9:30a)

    When we’ve mentioned these things to the center director we get the non-answer response, where nothing is really addressed or corrected. I have lots of other examples and could go on for a while… but in short, like I said, all in all it’s just poorly run.

  2. I have used Bright Horizons at Rockefeller Center as a backup center for seven years and for full-time daycare for two. A wonderful place. Typically, all centers are backup providers (if your employer is signed up for thir service) and some are open to the public.

  3. HI Rachel,
    Just looked it up here:

    According to the report, it looks like Bain owns a substantial amount of Bright Horizons but it doesn’t say that it outright owns it…..

    But the Brooklyn Eagle does- here is what they say:

  4. I have heard that Bright Horizons is owned by Bain Capital. Is that correct?

  5. Glad to hear you have liked this outfit!

  6. So excited about this! We get like $7 a day backup daycare through my spouses employer and we’ve used in the city a few times. Its great! This is SO needed in Williamsburg – so few places take infants around here!

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