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Runner and Stone breads- could you die now?!

Fall Restaurant Preview (Brooklyn Based)

Grand Opening Today at the Park Slope Library (Brownstoner)

Cobble Hill candy shop hires security guards after 40 teens storm the store stealing sweets (NY Daily News)

The Grand Army Plaza Food Truck Rally is Here To Stay (FIPS)

Statue Of Liberty Letting People Back In Starting October 28 (Gothamist)

Police Capt: Gangs in Play (South Brooklyn Post)

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  1. The last sponsored post I did, I took your suggestion and did put at the top that it was sponsored.
    I have no idea what you are saying that I denied influence.
    Here is what I do think- you definitely need to find something else to do.

  2. A while ago I complained about your lack of notice for sponsored posts, which you put at the end of your posts after the reader had read the information without knowing that it was paid for (and perhaps influenced) by the commercial sponsor. You denied any influence.

    Here’s a great example of an upfront disclosure:

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