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    Want To Join A Babysitting Co-Op? We’ll Tell You How

    by Nicole on 9/21/11 | 1 Comment(s)

    Do you want to meet other parents, have a date night and make playdates for your children? Join a babysitting co-op! The parents of the 1970′s had it right when they realized that instead of paying for babysitters, they could pay “in kind” for a swinging night out with their partner. Times have changed, but […]

    A babysitting co-op in action: here we were interviewed by NY NBC 4 about our babysitting co-op

    How to start a babysitting co-op

    by Nicole on 7/07/10 | 11 Comment(s)

    You might have heard about babysitting cooperatives only recently, but they have actually been around since the 1970′s. Back then, groups of parents figured out that babysitting co-ops were beneficial: a parent would babysit for another family’s child and, in return, they could also get a free night of babysitting from any of the families […]