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    New App for NYC Pre-K and Elementary School Info

    by Nicole on 3/07/12 | 9 Comment(s)

    With the DOE spewing out all sorts of data on our public schools in NYC, you would hope that some entrepreneuring person would put it all together and deliver it on a platform that parents could use. And, thankfully, someone has! And, not surprisingly, the someone who did is a parent of a 3 year […]


    Organize Your Kids Schedules with the FREE NYC School Calendar App

    by Serena on 8/14/11 | 3 Comment(s)

    I just got my “Welcome Packet” for school this year and spent an hour or more wading through the calendar of Parents’ Nights, festivals and No School Days. How did our kids’ school calendars get so darn complex? They need their own filofax (er..I mean iphone app!) One way to stay sane through it all […]


    Second Round of Pre-K Applications Starts on July 18th

    by Serena on 7/14/11 | 0 Comment(s)

    The pre-kindergarten application process can be downright frustrating in NYC as you research, apply and visit tons of schools. Despite how many schools you apply to, it doesn’t guarantee that your child will get a spot into a coveted pre-k program. In fact, according to InsideSchools.org nearly 28,815 families applied and 9,000 4-year-olds were denied […]


    School Review Sites to Help You

    by Serena on 7/07/11 | 7 Comment(s)

    The admissions process to get into a school in NYC (especially public schools) can feel like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts: ever-shifting and labyrinth-like.  Some schools require admissions tests for kids as early as pre-k, others are basically closed to you if you live out of zone. There are lotteries, applications, phone calls and tours.  Then comes […]