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    Protect your kid's from the sun this summer with sun protective clothing

    Clothing to Protect Your Child’s Skin

    by Serena on 7/19/11 | 0 Comment(s)

    The heat is raging over here in Brooklyn and that means piling up the sunscreen and wearing sun hats to protect our kids’ delicate skin. However, with the sun being so strong one blistering sunburn or five non-blistering sunburns may lead to melanoma and skin cancer later in life (*stat provided by K & J […]

    Smoochie Baby: where I ended up when I couldn't find parking

    A landing spot: Smoochie Baby in Williamsburg

    by Nicole on 5/04/11 | 0 Comment(s)

    I was moving our car for alternate street parking last week when I found I had no place to move it to. Every parking space was taken. How annoying and incredibly inconvenient! With the thought of a $115 ticket, I grumpily started driving aimlessly which eventually took me to Williamsburg. Not a bad place to […]