Giveaway! Tix to “The Amazing Max”

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MAGIC TRICK: The Amazing Max and his audience assistant perform a magic trick. ©Jacqueline Patton.

“The Amazing Max and the Box of Interesting Things” is a magic show that we found entertaining: full of silly physical humor, stunning magic tricks and hilarious antics, we thought it was not only a great kids’ show but one for parents too. This isn’t a show that you ask, “How did he do that?!”  It’s not that Max doesn’t do great tricks, he does. It’s that the show is so focused on the hijinks of Hamlet the mind-reading pig and other silliness, that the audience doesn’t have time to focus on the head-scratching tricks that Max performs. The magic is just the sideshow to a very engaging performance. (Our full review of the show is here.)

We are giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to “The Amazing Max and the Box of Interesting Things”!

In addition, all of our readers will be able to get discounted tickets by using discount code AMPROMO5 at
(Discount Tickets are $26.50 for OrchestraSeating Only.  Valid on all weekend performances now thru 3/10/12)

The Amazing Max and his audience assistant, receive help from Hamlet - the mind reading pig. ©Jacqueline Patton.

Here is how to enter:
Leave a comment at the bottom of this post or on our Facebook page as to who will be most excited if you win the tickets! Entries will be taken through Sunday, January 22nd, 2012. You can enter as many times as you like. Good luck! I will announce the winner on Monday, January 23rd on both Facebook and on a comment here.

About the show:
The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things is performed at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (MMAC) at 248 W. 60th Street, NYC (between Amsterdam and West End Avenues) in the Lincoln Center area. Running Time:  60 minutes
Twitter: @theamazingmax

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  1. Hooray! So so pleased for you all! I hope you LOVE it!

  2. Whoop! That’s my hubby!! I harassed him to enter and didn’t think he did! Sneaky! He is going to be so psyched (not as much as me) – AND we just found out today his mom is coming for the next three weeks so this will be perfect. This just made my day – thank you!!

  3. The winner of the 4 tickets to The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things is……….mikeD who entered on January 19, 2012 • 4:01 pm “I would love this with my son.”. MikeD- congratulations! Email me and I will send you the voucher via email. I’m so sorry for the others who didn’t win who entered tons of times! Especially Amy and Sara. So sorry! I’ll try and run more giveaways so you will have other chances. It seems like people want theatre tix the most- so I will run some more in the future! xo Karen (P.S.- the winner was picked through

  4. My boys would love this!

  5. My boys recently went to a birthday party where they saw their 1st magician and laughed so much. They’d love this!

  6. Just had to add one more before bed… and in finality, I do truly believe my son would love it the most because it would be the first time he has seen MAGIC and I would love it second because I could see that reflected in his face. Thank you!!!

  7. Is it fair to say all of us? Because honestly, it would really be all of us. Thanks again (whoever wins)!! This was fun.

  8. My mom really is by far the biggest child at heart, and I remember her teaching me magic tricks when I was young… so my mom!

  9. Me!! (love this, thanks child grows just for the opportunity!)

  10. my daughter!

  11. My husband!

  12. I know the etiquette for doing so many responses will leave me frowned upon, but man, my son would love this and we can’t afford it and right now that is worth stuffing the box for! :)

  13. My mom is going to be visiting so I think she would be!

  14. Actually, so would my other son come to think of it

  15. My 4 year old son would be psyched to see this show!

  16. my son would be very excited to win this!

  17. Would love to win these tickets. thanks

  18. ooh! love magic, and would go see the show with hubby and two other grownups for a night out.

  19. Hi again:

    We would like to win this show. Please pick us. thanks

  20. My 5 year old just said, “I really want to see the magic show, because it’s cool and I love magic tricks. Maybe he could teach me a magic trick, and I could show my friends?” We are only going to be in New York one day, Sat. the 28th. This would make this trip unforgettable! Thanks!

  21. I would love this with my son.

  22. This is just the kind of thing we would all enjoy together!!

  23. Every single member of my family would absolutely love this show!

  24. Both my sons and husband will be enthralled by Max’s magic tricks. I hope we win so we can share in the experience!

  25. my daughter who is currently learning
    and making up her own magic tricks

  26. My daughter would definitely benefit. She loves laughing.

  27. Probably my husband!

  28. Our daughter and her best friend would be the most excited because they love putting on their on shows for the family!

  29. My daughter would be the most excited – she loves going to shows!

  30. My son thinks he’s the next greatest magician. He would be the most excited if we won.

  31. Nope.. probably my son….

  32. My 3 year old has been “pretending” to do magic tricks for us over the last month. He seems to love it and would adore going to this show!!!

  33. Although my boys will be enthralled, it is *I* who will be most excited to win the tix — an excursion out of the house mid-winter will be a sure cure for our cabin fever — how many times can I go to the Children’s Museum, after all?

  34. It is a hard call if it would be my husband or my 5 yo son… hmmm… maybe the husband. :)

  35. My 6 years old son would be so excited. He’ve seen several magic shows recently and now wants to learn the magic tricks himself.

  36. This looks like a lot of fun! My daughter would love it!!

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