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Me, Kim and Nicole

I am so excited I can finally tell you all the big news: I am passing the torch to the new owners of A Child Grows in Brooklyn…today!

Since I announced the blog and Brooklyn Baby Expo sale 1.5 months ago, I have gotten so many amazing emails from you all, from the truly sweet, “ok, this is goofy I don’t even know you… but oh my how sad I am you are moving on (so to speak)”- from Jessica to “hope you find a buyer, because this is the only parenting blog I ever read” from Sara. And each of your lovely words made my heart sing.

But, guess what? I did find the right buyer. Correction- the right buyerS! Meet Kim (in red) and Nicole (in white) in the photo above. These women are the bees knees, the top of the heap, the cat’s meow. I have not only spent the last month on the phone with them but the last 4 days with them, in person, freezing our bums off in various cafes, sharing poor bandwith signals, planning and laughing.  We have culmatively drunk 28 bottles of water, 11 teas, 3 hot chocolates and downed unnameable amounts of shortbread cookies.

And, you know what I found out after all this? They get it. They want to keep this blog thriving and make it bigger and better. They are planning more event posts and features that will keep you engaged.  They can’t wait to create things offline too so that you will have more ways to meet each other and connect with other parents. And, I can pretty much guarantee they will make the Brooklyn Baby Expo a knockout event once again!

In fact, I’ve been so excited by their enthusiasm and energy, that I have decided to stay on to advise with the upcoming Brooklyn Baby Expo. I guess I couldn’t rip the whole bandaid off at one time.

Will you help me in welcoming these Brooklyn moms as the new owners of A Child Grows?!



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  1. Welcome ladies

    I am looking forward to reading about your adventures in the Brooklyn parenting world.

    Good luck

  2. That’s good news. And big shoes to fill. This is the only Brooklyn/parenting blog I read and the weekend events post each week (among others) is great — the centerpiece of weekend scheduling. Very glad it’s going to continue. Congrats.

  3. What a great way for each of you to start the new year. Best of luck on your future endeavors (Karen) and look forward to reading more of what’s to come (Kim & Nicole).
    xx Sindia

  4. Thanks Linda! I didn’t know you were the Former Direction of FF?! All this time we have been writing back and forth and we had met years back too! I love that place- you did an amazing job and thanks so much for reading.

  5. Even though my kids are grown, I enjoy reading your wonderful blog. I’m glad you found Kim and Nicole to join you and I’m thrilled you have decided to stay on. Three heads are better than one!!!!

    Linda Blyer
    Former Director of Families First

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