How much sleep at night and how many naps?

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Here I am again. Up late and exhausted. I put Birch to bed hours ago, but that doesn’t mean he is asleep. Ever since he started school he sings and talks to himself for two hours until he finally falls asleep. At times, Papa Tree and I crack up as we listen to him in his room with the monitor. It is cute when he sings “Moon River” or plays out a whole scenario including, “NO WAY Mommy”…. at the same time, I am so frustrated. What has happened?! Willow and I have shared some rough nights too as of late. She is only four months old, so that’s to be expected. But I began to wonder: how much sleep should they each be getting? When does Birch’s nap stop? Is Willow getting too little sleep during the day? I found this chart at babycenter. It lists average sleep requirements for children. This is average- so don’t worry if your child is doing something different. And for those of you who have “gifted sleepers”- hooray!

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Age Nighttime Sleep Daytime Sleep * Total Sleep
1 month 8 1/2 7 (3) 15 1/2
3 months 10 5 (3) 15
6 months 11 3 1/4 (2) 14 1/4
9 months 11 3 (2) 14
12 months 11 1/4 2 1/2 (2) 13 3/4
18 months 11 1/4 2 1/4 (1) 13 1/2
2 years 11 2 (1) 13
3 years 10 1/2 1 1/2 (1) 12
* number of naps in parentheses

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  1. Thanks for this post. My almost 3yr old sleeps about 9-10hrs at night. Naps vary from none to 2hrs per day. I’ve decided to be less strict about her bedtime this summer. I’ll aim for 9pm instead of 8pm. As you noticed, it is really their call about when they fall asleep anyway, so it’s nice to opt for less hand wringing, and just be more relaxed this summer. We’ll try for an earlier bedtime when she starts nursery school in September.

    Jennifer (Lena almost 3yrs, Pia 4 months)

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was just thinking that my almost 21 month old must be way too young to be done with naps, but she has been trying as hard as she can to avoid them these days. I wish I had a gifted sleeper!

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