It’s Our Turn: Family Sleep Over At Occupy Wall Street

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If you have wanted to join in on Occupy Wall Street and haven’t been able to do so because of family obligations or if you want to teach your kids about making our voices heard- you now have the opportunity to do so in a safe and festive event.  Parents for Occupy Wall Street is having a family sleepover in Zuccotti Park from Friday, October 21 to October 22nd. The event will not only be a great teaching moment for kids but a totally community driven peaceful protest with events throughout the weekend.

What a great way for the world to see that parents and children can and should be heard (and not just in restaurants!), but about important matters.  We can show everyone that this peaceful movement affects all U.S. citizens and that includes families. This isn’t just a movement for the radical, super young or unemployed- as it has been popularly described- but a movement for families who have had home foreclosures, seen cuts in their school budgets, loss of health insurance- and most definitely, unemployment.

Activities include a sing-a-long with Dan Zanes, a surprise celebrity guest to read a bedtime story to the kids, arts and crafts, a parents coffee date, unity line, and a pizza party. Volunteers are organizing and running the entire event.

If you can’t do the actual sleepover but want to contribute somehow- they need volunteers and items like flashlights, tape and hot chocolate.

There will be a clearly marked Child Safe Area, with a check-in system and security personal. Only registered participants with children will be allowed in the family area. All children will be required to wear ID badges and a head count will be taken hourly.

“Parents for Occupy Wall St is a nonpartisan platform for all parents, families, and related organizations to come together to be heard about issues facing our children’s futures in support of Occupy Wall St.”

Family Sleep Over at Occupy Wall Street
Friday, Oct. 21, 4 pm. – Saturday, Oct 22, 11 am
Zuccotti Park, New York City
All ages welcome.
To donate, volunteer, or attend, please see their website at: Parents for Occupy Wall Street


4pm Check in begins

5pm Arts & Crafts

6pm Children’s Music Sing-Along – Featuring Dan Zanes

7pm Unity Line

7:30pm Pizza Party – Thanks to Mark’s Pizza 326 VanBrunt St Brooklyn

8pm Bed Time Prep/ 111 Child Meditation

8:45 Bedtime Story -

9pm Family Quiet Time

10pm Parents Coffee Date

*Schedule subject to change according to rain date & Hourly head counts not listed above

Please Make Sure to Bring:

-Warm clothes for the entire family

-Adult Ids

-Enclosure for children to sleep *tents are not permitted at the park but we can create enclosures with some creativity and tarps!* We recommend strollers, carriers, and the like


-Snacks if your child has food allergies

-Changes of clothes in case of rain

-Mats & sleeping bags for adults

-Tarps, lots of tarps

-Snacks & Drinks

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  1. I agree KP- Xena get a clue!

    Moira- thank you for sharing your experience of being there. It makes me so happy to hear how it affected your son too. I think you made such an important point- that it made a difference to him to volunteer directly. How cool. I wish there were more options for kids to do that. Last year, I posted about some places that accepted kid volunteers- and will do so again this year. We did one of them (even with a 2 and 4 year old)- and my kids will never forget it.

  2. We attended and had a great experience. Whatever your political beliefs, I think it’s a vital example of free speech and ordinary people making a statement. My son was impressed, and for the first time ever was able to volunteer directly (not raising money for something, or making something to deliver…but actually handing food out to people directly) which made a huge impression.

  3. Thanks for posting! The sleepover was great. Xena get a clue.

  4. I find the whole movement ridiculous, especially in New Yopk – by New Yorkers. New York economy depends on financial sector. New York’s financial industry provides almost one-fourth of all income produced in the city, and accounts for 10% of the city’s tax revenues and 20% of the state’s. Thus, it is so unwise for New Yorkers to bite the hand that feeds them!


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