Mini or Apartment sized cribs for small apartments

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Community Playthings small crib with storage

We live in NYC so you know how challenging it can be to carve space out for all the things you would like to have for a baby: a changing table, bookcase and a crib! If you are looking for a solution for making that nursery/junior bedroom work for your baby, we have founds some mini cribs for you. is a brand I love. You see their tables and chairs in a lot of private school classrooms as they really understand spacial needs for caregivers.   They also apparently have a fabulous mini crib. A few people on our listserve in Fort Greene Brooklyn have bought them and been very happy with them.   You can buy it with/out the telescoping side that will save your back. They’re not dropsides, so they’re not banned.The childproof latch operates with only one hand, so you can adjust it while holding a baby. There are optional storage drawers for under the crib.  (Prices start at $320.00.) (See photos above and below for both images of the crib).

Community Playthings with telescoping side

The DaVinci Annabelle is another option and people love the small crib, but don’t like the flimsy mattress. (Around $189).

The DaVinci Annabelle

We loved our Arms Reach CoSleeper. It is especially great for newborns and if you want to have your baby near your own bed. It has a lot of storage both below the bassinet and also in pockets on both sides.  Arms Reach recommends to stop using the CoSleeper when your child can pull herself up on her knees. We used ours far longer for both kids (until they were each 10 months). It was cozy, small and well-made. (Around $140).  ArmsReach also sells a Sleigh Bed which is a nice-looking small crib that will hold up to 500 lbs. (Around $290).

Arms Reach Cosleeper

My friend swears by her Stokke Sleepi Mini crib and how it works wonderfully in her small apartment. She also likes its portability with the caster wheels. When a guest comes to stay, she wheels it from one room to another.  Though it was a big splurge she loves it. I always love Stokke’s designs and think this is a pretty cool one. (Around $800)

I did see a prototype at Stokke of a new bassinett, changing table they are going to start offering. It’s pretty fantastic. When that one becomes available, I’ll add it here.

Anyone else have a small or mini crib they love?

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  1. Deb- it looks great. Thanks for letting us know about them- we’ll look into including them on the update of this post.

  2. We just bought an Amish crib & changer from and both pieces are just beautiful. The crib has a convertor kit to make it a day bed and later a full bed, so it will save us some space as well as money.

  3. HI Cristina,
    Did you find your daughter got to big for the Annabelle too? Wondering what size/age it lasted you….We had the same problem with both of our kids getting their legs stuck in the crib slats so I bought breathable, mesh bumpers and the problem was solved.
    I realize bumpers can be controversial, so I realize it’s not an option for everyone- but it can work.
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. We had the Annabelle for our first daughter which we loved, but around 2 years old we moved her to a big girl bed because in the middle of the night we’d hear “Mommy, Daddy, I’m stuck” when her arms or legs would poke out of the crib and she couldn’t figure out how to flip over with them through the bars. So, if you want to put off the big kid bed as long as possible (as I now do as a mother to newborn twins) full cribs that convert into toddler beds are better (and take up less space than two twin beds) in the long run!

  5. Amy- I’m so glad this helped and love the idea that you were researching this and think you found your answer HERE! Which one do you think you will go for?

  6. It’s like you read my mind! I was searching these until abou 2am this morning with no good solution! I have to fit a second crib into the world’s smallest bedroom. In the suburbs they would call this room a windowed closet. Thanks a million for the post!


  7. We have the Annabelle in cream and really like it. We took the doors off a closet in our room to make a little “bedroom” nook, and it fits perfectly. We replaced the mattress it came with with a thicker, organic one. My daughter is 7 months now, and she still fits, but I’m dreading the day she gets too big for it because we’ll probably have to move.

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