New App for NYC Pre-K and Elementary School Info

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With the DOE spewing out all sorts of data on our public schools in NYC, you would hope that some entrepreneuring person would put it all together and deliver it on a platform that parents could use. And, thankfully, someone has! And, not surprisingly, the someone who did is a parent of a 3 year old getting ready for Pre-K.

Edward Yau of Dendro Kids, has created Sage, a NYC public pre-k and elementary school search for the mobile web. You can search for your school by entering your address to find your zoned school and schools nearby. Want to know more? Find out the school’s basic information, state exam results and NYC progress report grades. You can also search for schools by intersection, zip or name if you’re just looking around. Tips about the admissions process are offered along the way.

Edward has entered his helpful app in the NYC Big Apps competition in hopes that it will win recognition. The NYC Big Apps competition is where the NYC administration releases data from city agencies and invites software developers to make innovative applications to improve the lives of NYC citizens. NYC Big Apps has received a record number of app submissions in this year’s competition- but Edward’s is the only app for NYC parents. Let’s let Mayor Bloomberg know that we care about our NYC schools and vote for his application to win.

Voting ends on March 8th, so vote here for Sage and say that you care about NYC education.
Find out about Sage here. :
Get it: on your iPhone or Android device! (or Chrome or Safari)
About the company:

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    Santa when is it Christmas again Santa Claus. By Lauren Jade Stokes. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. Wonderful news Edward!!! Much congratulations and it’s exciting to think that your eduction app we wrote about here won!

  3. I am thrilled to announce that Sage has taken the “Best Education Application” category in the NYC Big Apps 3.0 competition! We could not have done it without your support. This victory belongs to us all! I cannot thank you all enough for the support and encouragement that we’ve received in the last 2 months. Please pass this message and our thanks along to everyone you rallied to support Sage!

  4. Hi Brianne – thanks for using the site. Can you email me at with your support questions?

    It has a mobile interface, so remember you’ll need to drag your finger to move the screen on your iphone, or drag the mouse on a desktop.

  5. I wish I could use this, but it won’t let me select my borough or elem/pre-K on the search page on my iphone, and on my computer, I can only see the first few results. If Edward’s checking this – help? :)

  6. Thank you so much for your vote, your support and your especially for your post!

  7. Strange, my earlier response was cut off.

    Anyway, I said that Sage has done a great job of putting a better interface on the DOE’s school search database. (Now if the DOE would just update their data sets..)

    I just voted for Sage in the NYC Big Apps content, definitely a resource worth recognizing!


  8. Touche. The data is sourced from the NYC Open Data initiative and provided by the NYC Department of Education. Despite the city’s laudable effort to provide data transparency, they offer no guarantee on its integrity or accuracy. In the case of school zones, the data provided was dated as “2011-2012″. For this reason, we emphasize in the app (click on the “i”) that parents should call 3-1-1 to confirm their zones. The terms of service has a more detailed explanation.

    Nevertheless, as a parent going through the pre-k admissions process, I developed the tool out of necessity and hoped that others would find it useful. I fully support NYC Big Apps and am pleased that the city is opening up its data to the public.

  9. This app, while well conceived and executed, has old zoning information! Users beware. Can’t help but point out that NYC School Maps is the only place you can get comprehensive *up to date* school zone maps right now.


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