NYC Explorers opens new space with deals

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NYC Explorers new location

NYC Explorers new location

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I loved the old NYC Explorers play space on Atlantic Street. Yes, at times it seemed chaotic, but the aesthetic there reigned: comfy, bright furniture, clean floors and nice toys. I was really sad when they closed and so ended up going to their quaint Prospect Heights space more- which has the added benefit of Brooklyn’s best ice cream (Blue Marble). Most of you will be thrilled to know about the opening of their new playspace for the BOCOCA and Brooklyn Heights crowd – which is bigger, bigger, bigger and with an outdoor space! The building is owned by the Religious Society Of Friends – Quakers and is at 110 Schermerhorn Street @ Boerum Place. The Quakers weren’t using the space during the week since they only occupied it on Sundays for Meeting. So, NYC Explorers has it for the rest of the week. I can only imagine the space will be as well done as their last. If you have been to it- let us know what you thought!

Here are their debut deals:

Now two for $700
50 in-home private babysitting hours (in my calculation- that is 2 kids at $14 an hour)

Bundle of 2 4-Packs (16-hours each) now only $350
110 Schermerhorn St. M-F 9am-1pm | 2pm-6pm 186 Underhill Ave. M-F 2pm-6pm (in my calculation that is babysitting for $10.93 an hour)

now 20% off (we had our birthday party with them and it was a hit)

New Location:
110 Schermerhorn Street @ Boerum Place.
(718) 797-3707

186 Underhill between Sterling and St. John
(718) 399-6923

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  1. We are going to try it out today with Grandma… Will report back!

    We did have Luca’s 3rd birthday at the Underhill space last week and everyone had a blast. I didn’t do anything but bake a cake and bring brunchy food stuff and tell them I thought he’d like a relaxed train theme. They did all the rest. There wasn’t one kid meltdown, they did an adorable “make train puppets” craft and a sing along circle that worked perfectly. The rest was free play time. We’ll be back for sure. (FYI: It is a smaller space so be sure to calculate in all the adults when you invite.)
    Amy (mom to Luca and another one via C-Birth tomorrow!!)

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