Our Daily Calendar is back!

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When we did our survey a few weeks ago, so many of said you missed our Daily Calendar: “i miss the calendar you used to have at the top. whenever i was stuck on what to do i’d check it and often found something i hadn’t thought of”

So, I brought it back-but hopefully, better and complete.  Every day organizations are adding their workshops, story times, singalongs, movie nights, farmers’ markets and more. That’s the best part for me: people can add their OWN events. Hooray! The new calendar is on the blog under the Calendar Tab.

If you have something to add, feel free to contact me and I will give you a username and password to add events. (If anyone has interest in adding the library programs- please do- it’s almost impossible to get the library to do it!)

To see events: roll your mouse over a day or click the day. We have tons for you to see and more coming each day.

I will still do a roundup of weekend events on every Friday- but check our Calendar and Music Listings to see all the options. (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you!)

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  1. yay!!!!!!!!! you rock karen (i think that was me you quoted, LOL). In gratitude, i’ll add the library schedule. HUGE thanks (once again) for providing such an amazing resource to Bk parents :)

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