Reader Review: Moomah Café – A not to be missed playspace in Tribeca

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Photo courtesy of Cool Ruja

One uncharacteristically warm February day, my daughter and I ventured out of Brooklyn in search of new adventure. We desperately needed to get out of our apartment and see something new. Not even the mounting weight of my 14-month-old babe in her carrier could deter us. We decided on  Moomah Café for our journey and with excitement, we headed out.

I’d been informed by various trusty sources that a trip to Moomah Café in Tribeca is a must. And as I came to find out, indeed it is! We spent what felt like an hour or two, but in reality was an entire afternoon at this child oasis of art, fun and tasty treats.

The highlight of this playspace, that so differentiates it from others, is its focus on kids’ creativity and art exploration. Offered are a wide range of art projects for all ages, from simple “make your own greeting cards” to more elaborate “do it together kits” where parents can sit with their children and work on embroidery, painting or shadowbox building projects (to name a few). Featured art projects rotate on a monthly basis and are all thoughtfully designed by Moomah’s artistic team. Despite the fact that my spunky dudette knocked over our basket of crayons several times before we settled into our table, we did managed to produce quite a surrealistic set of Valentine and birthday cards for upcoming occasions.

What is a ladies day out without lunch? I was pleasantly surprised with the menu at Moomah, which featured plenty of healthy and creative options to satisfy both parents and children. My daughter gobbled up the Yummus- a concoction of homemade hummus with cucumber, carrot slices and blue corn tortilla chips.

The biggest hit for our trio was the Funky Forest room. This magical room is in the back of the café, lit to resemble a forest and interactive ecosystem that reacts to childrens’ touch and movements. In other words, heaven for an inquisitive toddler!

Check out this video, also featured on Moomah’s website for a better look. Entry to the Funky Forest is included with your purchase of an art project.

A last kudos to this enchanting space; great décor! Like the café, it is unique and inviting and unlike any other playroom you’ve been to. With rustic and beautifully decorated corners it is the perfect place for little Picassos and O’Keefes to get inspired.

Moomah is a place I am sure we will visit time and again. New to the café’s roster are monthly “Mom’s Night Out” workshops. Now moms have an excuse for an evening out to enjoy wine and appetizers while crafting away. Sign me up!

Moomah Café
161 Hudson Street
New York NY 10013

Andrea Ornatowski

Andrea Ornatowski is a freelance writer and former fashion marketing professional who has temporarily shelved her swanky heels in order to better keep up with her energetic toddler. She is a long time resident (and fan!) of Greenpoint Brooklyn, where she lives with her daughter, husband, and somewhat neglected but beloved family plant, Albert.

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  1. I love this venue – we need it here in Fort Greene! My daughter and I really enjoy this place together and it was such a relief to go to during our long winter.

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