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Autistic Kids Can Play
contact Kim Morman at 347-417-6704
Kim’s son has autism/PDD/Hyperlexia. She organized an informal and free kids playgroup for autistic kids/siblings/parents and also for all children with developmental disabilities and other special needs/challenges.

NYC Explorers
Special Needs play groups
186 Underhill Ave bet. Sterling & St. John
Monday & Wednesday 12-3 $10/family
10 weeks for $500 (free play on class days)
Language Intensive Social Skills Intensive
Monday 3-5pm Wednesday 3-5pm
Ages 2-6 Ages 2-6
During the class session we will use your child’s play preferences to work on initiating play with others, improving communication in a social setting, taking turns, following directions, and playing appropriately with others. We will also talk about strategies for dealing with behavior and improving language skills by focusing on positive reinforcement and follow through. The last half hour will be devoted to free play for the kids while the caregivers discuss language and behavior concerns with the teacher and brainstorm strategies to try at home.

Sunday FunDay
For children (4-12 years old) diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), such as Autism and Asperger syndrome. This program will take place in Marks JCH of Bensonhurst, located on 7802 Bay Parkway on Sundays starting on November 16th, 2008.It is run by Karina Burman, an Occupational Therapist. The program includes a combination of recreational, social and sensory oriented activities, to benefit each child and their families. Spaces are limited and financial assistance is available.
Karina Burman, BS/MS, OT
Marks JCH of Bensonhurst
7802 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Parents Helping Parents
Sharon C. Peters
669 President Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 638-9444
They have a regular group for parents of special needs children. It meets during the day and evening several times each month.


  1. Try reaching out to Extreme Kids……..they are in Clinton Hill but might be of interest to you-0 they do fabulous work and have lots of workshops.


  2. What programs are available for 10 year old kids in 11234, 11224, 11210 area of Brooklyn?

  3. HI Lisa,
    I’m so sorry- you must be so anxious.
    Try reaching out to this group: http://extremekidsandcrew.org/xkids_site/Welcome.html

    Also, these places are closer to you and might be of interest. http://marketplace.achildgrows.com/Classes/Special_Needs_Classes_and_Groups

  4. Hi, I am a mom of an 8.9 year old, he was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I would like to find him a playgroup in bay ridge. Please help.

  5. What programs are available for children with special needs in the Chester-Chesterfield area? I have a 8 year old son who really needs to get out and socialize with his peers.

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