Spotted: Siblings and others

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Welcome to “Spotted!”, a weekly photo digest that features kids’ and parents’ style in one neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Editorial comments are mainly the photographer’s, Justine Cooper, though I stuck my 2 cents in a bit.

Sister and brother in skull hoodies

Ingrid head to toe

Sisters Zoe and Eleanor visiting Boerum Hill from Clinton Hill

LEFT: Zuri's stoop style in Bed-Stuy RIGHT: Veera seriously accessorizing for Spring

Sisters Taylor and Logan's first manicure


Justine Cooper, our “Spotted!” photographer, loves capturing babies and families so much, she made a career out of it. Originally trained as a photojournalist, she also has a Masters in Fine Art. She splits her time between creating work for galleries and shooting families in the New York area. She lives with her husband and two children in Brooklyn. Her portrait work can be seen at You can see HER photo on our About page.

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  1. You can buy them here: Salt Water brands (see Lolli, 169 7th Ave),
    or at Area Kids (on Court and Smith- Smith street has more colors and the padded soles) and the Refinery on Smith Street sells them for adults. they are the best!

  2. I really need to makes those red sandals on Ingrid’s feet. I realize they are extremely popular and everyone but me probably knows who makes them. I really want to get some for my girls this summer!

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