Shop Brooklyn Style: Industry City Holiday Market

    by A Child Grows on 11/21/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Visit Industry City in Sunset Park this weekend and be reminded why Brooklyn is known as a hub of creativity, innovation and style.  This renovated factory and warehouse complex is the home to artist studios, tech companies, food and event businesses, design firms, manufacturers and more. Check out two of their shopping events taking place on […]

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    Head to Prospect Park Zoo for a Boo-Tastic Time!

    by A Child Grows on 10/23/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Grab the family and head to Prospect Park Zoo where Halloween fun awaits! The annual Boo at the Zoo weekend is jam-packed with fun activities such as a Costumed Character Scavenger Hunt, face painting, and other Halloween-themed games and crafts and, of course, there’ll be plenty of animals to visit. There will also be a Spooky Barn for […]


    Brooklyn Art Hive: New Art Studio for Kids in Crown Heights

    by A Child Grows on 9/23/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Attention families in Crown Heights and all surrounding neighborhoods! There is a brand new spot in the hood, and no, I’m not talking about Berg’n (damn that place is cool).  Brooklyn Art Hive is an art studio for kids offering morning classes and weekend workshops for 18 month to 5 year olds and hosting special art […]


    Summer Strolls-Streets of Wander

    by Sarah on 7/25/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    If you have yet to check out Summer Strolls-Streets of Wander, you have another chance Saturday, July 26th. This weekend the strollers and wanderers are back in South Slope on 7th Avenue between 9th and 16th Streets. This is not your typical street fair. There are lots of arts and crafts, activities for kids, live […]

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    PAL Playstreets Open Today!: Let Someone Else Entertain Your Kids

    by Sarah on 7/07/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    PAL, the Police Athletic League, will be opening their annual PAL Playstreets program today, Monday July 7th a program they have been operating for the last hundred years. Playstreets typically consists of a block closed to traffic where area kids can participate in structured, supervised activities. This is both one of the wonderful and terrible things […]


    Rainy Day Activities for Kids: Not A Box

    by Sarah on 5/30/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    A few years ago I hosted a rare group playdate at my house (see, I’m social!), which I dubbed Fortropolis. This was what my moms’ group was billing as a “pre-preschool” gathering. Our two-year-olds had done some dazzling things at other moms’ houses, but with total performance anxiety I didn’t want to have to “teach” anything, […]

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    How Do You Make Kids Clothes Last?

    by Sarah on 5/22/14 | 2 Comment(s)

    Probably ever six months you find yourself buying a slew of new clothes for your kid. And since she refused to stop growing, that trend will continue until the kid is a junior in high school and you can just refuse to buy anything else. If you can increase the life of your kids’ clothes […]

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    Spring Fling Meets Camp Panic Event: Everything You Need in One Place!

    by Sarah on 4/28/14 | 0 Comment(s)

      Do your weekends feel so booked with errands that you never quite get to the family time you want, or vice versa? Well, clearly you need a camp fair, clothing swap and kid-friendly spring festival in one. Lucky for you the Spring Fling Meets Camp Panic is happening May 3rd from 10:00 am to […]


    Your Guide to Easter Egg Hunts NYC 2014

    by Sarah on 4/14/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    There is nothing I like more then the vestiges of pagan ritual in our very modern world like christmas trees, jack-o-lanterns and may poles. The egg hunt is a favorite of mine, searching out symbols of fertility hiding among the newly blooming flowers, those pagans didn’t really go in for subtly and thank god. Otherwise, […]


    Habana Outpost’s Earth Day Celebration 2014!

    by Sarah on 4/11/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Celebrate Earth Day early at Habana Outpost’s Earth Day Expo hosted by Habana Works this Saturday (that’s tomorrow people, in case you keep thinking today is Thursday). A Child Grows in Brooklyn will be there loving Mama Gia, holding babies and generally channeling our own Goddess. Where is a bonfire to dance around when you […]

    Paintzen Nursery

    Paintzen: A Fresh Coat of Paint Made Easy

    by Shayna Gehl on 4/09/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Dull or dated? Marked and smudged? Splattered with food and crayon? If this is how you describe your walls and you just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it, we totally get that. So this is for you! The folks at Paintzen are making it as easy as can be to spruce up your […]


    Summer Fun at the Wildlife Conservation Society

    by Shayna Gehl on 3/31/14 | 0 Comment(s)

      Summers are Wild with the Wildlife Conservation Society! From toddlers to teens, the WCS has the unique summer camp experiences for all ages at their zoos and aquarium. Explore the wonderful world of animals at one of the five facilities throughout New York, including the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, […]


    What’s Better Than Having a Baby?! Having TWO!

    by Shayna Gehl on 3/26/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    It’s finally here!!!! THE MAIN EVENT!!!! I am officially full term in my third pregnancy. “In the home stretch” as many would say. I’ve blogged about the fantastic nature of this pregnancy (if you didn’t read the post, you missed the sarcastic tone there). While I’d love to go into even more gruesome details on the latest […]


    Just Food Conference: We Can Pickle That!

    by John on 3/18/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Just Food Conference is coming up on the weekend of April 5-6. I have been following Just Food for some time now. Since 1995, their role has been to empower and support community groups in their efforts to increase access to local, sustainable food. I’ve been putting their values into practice. I have a batch of […]

    ACG BabyFamilyExpo Logo Horiz

    Top 12 Reasons to Hit the Brooklyn Baby and Family Expo 2014

    by Sarah on 3/16/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Not just for babies. A Child Grows in Brooklyn brings you our 3rd annual Brooklyn Baby and Family Expo on Sunday April 6th in Brooklyn Heights. Here’s why you’ve got to be there: 1. Free On-Site Childcare: If free childcare gets you to the Y to work out, then why shouldn’t it also give you an afternoon […]

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    Cassatt Studio Preschool in Carroll Gardens

    by Shayna Gehl on 3/10/14 | 0 Comment(s)

      (Sponsored) Great news A Child Grows readers! A great school in Carroll Gardens is enrolling students. The Cassatt Studio comes from a trusted name you may have seen on A Child Grows before- Sitters Studio.     “At Cassatt Studio Preschool children learn, grow, and blossom by studying Van Gogh’s sunflowers, Mendelssohn’s songs, and Sondheim’s […]


    A Child Grows in Brooklyn Calendar: Go Beyond Movies and Museums!

    by Sarah on 3/03/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    You’ve been in the house for too long. You look forward to listening to the Frozen soundtrack, even though it makes you cry every time (“ . . .they say ‘have courage’ and I’m trying to, I’m right out here for you, please let me in. We only have each other. . .” Seriously, you’re […]


    Dancing Kiddos: Songs of the Snow

    by John on 2/13/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    As I write this, I’m looking out our window at mostly white. Snow covers the ivy around our garden, the Weber grill, our bathtub flowerbed with its slumbering calendula seeds and iris rhizomes, Checkers’ bike, Crazy Eights’ tricycle, even the jogging stroller. I hardly want to do anything with the kids outside the house, knowing […]

    Brooklyn Robot Foundry

    Brooklyn Robot Foundry: Revolution is Coming, Side With the Bots Now

    by Sarah on 2/11/14 | 1 Comment(s)

    Here’s a fact: Robots are cool. Here’s another fact: building robots is even more cool.  And at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry your kids can do just that, develop their spacial relations, improve hand-eye coordination, and build buttons instead of just pressing them.  Jenny Young, the founder of the BRF, grew up building and creating in […]


    DIY Valentines or What You’re Doing This Week

    by Sarah on 2/07/14 | 1 Comment(s)

    Growing up in the suburbs of Boston for much of my formative years, I always wondered why everyone put those bunches of dried corn cobs on their doors, the snowflakes and faux-candles in the windows, the spring flags of blooming daffodils as if we couldn’t see the very same flower blooming in their front yard. […]


    (Sponsored) Brooklyn Sandbox: A Great Start For Little Learners

    by Shayna Gehl on 1/06/14 | 0 Comment(s)

    Being a member of a good number of local parenting groups, there are many questions that remain strongly on our parenting radars. One of those questions is where can I find a good quality daycare? With many mothers returning to work shortly after baby, this is a legitimate concern and often leads to an overwhelming […]


    AMNH’s Origami Tree Opens: Let the Holiday Madness Start!

    by Sarah on 11/25/13 | 0 Comment(s)

      Before marriage, before kids, when I was still new to new york and decided to spring for my very own Christmas tree, I had no ornaments. So like a good Christian (I use this word loosely) I made red origami cranes and covered my tree with them (this was actually my second Christmas with […]


    Get Ready for Hanukkah 2013 or Rather Thanksgivukkah

    by Nicole on 11/14/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    You might be asking yourself, “What is Thanksgivukkah?”. Well our friend Amy from has shared her favorite ways to celebrate it! And count yourself lucky, because it isn’t going to happen again for another 70,000, say 80,000 years! Happy Thanksgivukkah, and Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends! By: Amy Deutsch You might have […]


    Halloween Costume Panic: You Remembered Everything but the Outfit

    by Sarah on 10/28/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Halloween is in three short days and maybe you managed to grab some snack sized candy and you carved your jack-o-lanterns over the weekend, not say a week and a half ago like some overeager types who now have zombie-laterns withering on their balcony (this could be anyone). At least this year we managed to […]

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    Find and Seek: What You’re Doing Today

    by Sarah on 10/25/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    There are lots of events happening this weekend, which have been conveniently listed for you on this very blog. But occasionally even the most motivated of us find sifting through all those events overwhelming. And maybe you and your progeny are searching for something to do TODAY. Well, I have the day perfect Friday planned […]