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    What are the Best and Safest Insect Repellents?

    by Nicole on 5/30/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Summer is almost upon us and as we head into warmer weather, I am starting to buy all of our necessary provisions! After our roundup of the best (and safest) sunscreens, we complied a list of some of the least toxic bug and insect repellents on the market with no DEET. Check out some of our top [...]

    orbit g2

    Giveaway: Win an Orbit Baby G2 Stroller! GIVEAWAY CLOSED

    by Nicole on 5/27/13 | 89 Comment(s)

    Wow! Who wants to win this stroller of strollers!?!? – An Orbit Baby G2 stroller (retail value of $800) courtesy of Orbit Baby and the Brooklyn Baby Expo! This stroller can be used from birth up to 40 lbs. For families on the go with newborns or toddlers, the Stroller G2 is the ultimate solution for [...]


    Win a Britax Baby Carrier! GIVEAWAY CLOSED

    by Nicole on 5/19/13 | 34 Comment(s)

    For the Orbit Stroller Giveaway Go Here: Enter to win a Britax Baby Carrier courtesy of Britax and the Brooklyn Baby Expo! The Britax Baby carrier is suitable from 8-32 lbs and is designed for long-lasting back and shoulder support. Purchase your Brooklyn Baby Expo tickets this week and you will be entered to win this wonderfully flexible carrier. If [...]


    FirstBIKE Review and Giveaway: Leave the Training Wheels in the Dust – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

    by Nicole on 5/16/13 | 67 Comment(s)

    My daughter (3 years old) mastered the scooter early on but was never really interested in trying a bike. Then we got the FirstBIKE and everything clicked! She took to it immediately, finding her balance quickly and propelling herself effortlessly. The FirstBIKE is a balance bike that allows kids to learn to ride without having to [...]


    The Best Sunscreens: Reviews and Ratings

    by Nicole on 5/16/13 | 1 Comment(s)

    Now that the weather is finally warming up and everyone’s planning for their summer activities, it’s time to think about using sunscreens again. You can spend days researching and testing all the “good’ sunscreens out there. And believe me- I’ve done it. After 4 years of scrutinizing, ordering and testings various sunscreens- I have my [...]

    Brooklyn Baby Expo Stamp

    Giveaway: Stokke MyCarrier Entry With Brooklyn Baby Expo Ticket Purchase

    by Nicole on 5/06/13 | 8 Comment(s)

    The Brooklyn Baby Expo is happening June 2nd. Buy your tickets this week and you are entered to win a Stokke MyCarrier ($250 retail value)! And VIP ticket holders get a Joovy BebaSling Lite ($99 retail value) with their ticket! If you have already purchased your tickets, you can still enter to win the Stokke MyCarrier! Here’s how: [...]


    Get GMOs out of Infant Formula – Sign Petition to Similac (Abbott Laboratories)

    by Nicole on 4/22/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    GMOs—foods that have been genetically engineered by Monsanto and other chemical manufacturers—have never been adequately tested for long-term human health or environmental safety. Many ingredients used in infant formula, especially soy-based formula, are derived from GMO crops that have been genetically altered to internally produce pesticides or to be resistant to specific herbicides. Nobody should [...]


    Free App to Track the Safety of Baby Products

    by Nicole on 4/19/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    This sounds interesting- A free app that lets you track any recalls on baby gear and products. I definitely couldn’t keep up with all of the recalls and warning so perhaps this is an easy way to do so. LolaKnows is a free app for iPhone designed to allow users to search for products and [...]

    Disney Princesses from "Heart of Gold" campaign to benefit Toys for Tots.

    The Princess Diaries: How to Cope with the Disney Juggernaut

    by Sarah on 3/17/13 | 2 Comment(s)

    By Sarah Moriarty We’ve all witnessed it, the gravitational pull between little girls and all things princess related. Despite all our efforts to avoid gender specific toys, videos and stereotypes, many of our daughters end up tutu-ed and beribboned singing about being rescued. At my house we did it all, pushed the “masculine toys,” no [...]


    Switching from a Car Seat to a Booster Seat

    by Nicole on 2/20/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Baby Bodyguards has given us their awesome recommendations for when to transfer your child to a booster seat and some of the best options out there!  Around 4 years old, most children will max out of their forward facing car seat. By max out, I mean that their shoulders are higher than the top set of harness-strap [...]


    Yerdle: Reduce your environmental impact, Get rid of clutter and Save money…I like it!

    by Nicole on 2/19/13 | 1 Comment(s)

    I have stuff – a lot of stuff.  I am a mom to two toddlers living in a small Brooklyn apartment that always feels crammed full of stuff.  Toys, books, clothes, baby paraphernalia, you name it. It’s easy to accumulate too much stuff (and equally hard to find places to keep it)! A lot of [...]


    Drawing Apps for Kids (Free or Almost-Free!)

    by Nicole on 2/12/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    This week a friend requested a list of “free drawing apps that don’t have tons of windows that I have to disable before my 3 year old makes in-app purchases.” If you want to use free apps, turn off your in-app purchasing in your settings before handing your device to your child.  Free apps tend [...]


    Want to Trade Your Maternity-Wear for Some New Duds?

    by Kim on 2/12/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Our friends over at Closet Dash are having a maternity swap party on February 27th!  It’s an opportunity for all of us who have maternitywear we no longer need to trade it for something that’s suitable to our current size, whatever that may be. Or if you are pregnant and want trade for some wonderful [...]

    Apps for Kids

    Keeping your kids Appy – Finding Apps for Kids

    by Nicole on 1/24/13 | 2 Comment(s)

    We were about 15 months into our first iPhones when I realized my husband hadn’t installed or used ANY apps.  None. He was hardly using his phone as anything but a – a- a– phone.  Let’s just say I was VERY disturbed.  The budget-conscious part of me told him that if he didn’t start using [...]


    Best Books for Ages 0-5 Years

    by Nicole on 1/22/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    I know I’m not the only one who gets tired of reading the same book over and over at bedtime. Yawwwn……..zzzzzz.  The Rusty Key, a Brooklyn blog that is dedicated to all things Kid Lit, is helping me and you get over the book doldrums by sharing their favorite books for kids here on the blog.  [...]


    Review and Giveaway: Crazy about the Ninja 3-in-1

    by Nicole on 12/21/12 | 4 Comment(s)

    Regular readers to this blog know that I’m a terrible cook; I’m talking heated fish fingers and turkey burgers here.  So, when I got an email from a publicist asking me if I wanted to try a fabulous new easy cooker, I said, “heck, yes!”  The Ninja 3-in-1 arrived in October and it’s changed my [...]

    Eagle Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint

    Favorite Places for Families in Greenpoint & Williamsburg

    by Nicole on 9/20/12 | 1 Comment(s)

    Williamsburg and Greenpoint are fast becoming THE place to raise a family in Brooklyn; between the pool finally opening and a sleuth of amazing places to shop, eat, play and ways to give back- it’s easy to see why. Jessica Glorieux and Donna Ladd launched Motherburg NYC in June 2012 to help parents in North [...]


    Toxic Chemicals Found in School Supplies

    by Nicole on 9/05/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    I love the site Healthy Child Healthy World which publishes fabulous articles, initiates petitions and political action to try and make the world a cleaner, safer place for families. You should definitely sign up for their email alerts. I got a newsletter from them the other day about toxins found in childrens’ school supplies and [...]

    Skip Hop

    Backpacks: on Sale and Reviews

    by Nicole on 8/30/12 | 1 Comment(s)

    If “backpack” is on your school shopping list, then this post just might save you some time and money.  I have tried quite a few of the backpacks out there, and after testing them, I have the skinny that will tell you which ones hold up and which ones don’t. And, good news! Today a [...]

    Event picture from Ollie and the Egg Throw a Party- a Brooklyn kids event planning service

    Where to Get Party Supplies in Brooklyn

    by Nicole on 8/16/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    Whether you are looking for goodie bags or balloons, Brooklyn has a lot of great resources for your birthday supplies. We’ve listed where to get Party Supplies in our Marketplace but we rounded up some of our favorites to share with you. Most of us dread doing the goodie bags for our kids’ birthday parties: [...]


    Consumer Reports Best Bike Helmets: Only 2 Make the Cut

    by Nicole on 7/15/12 | 3 Comment(s)

    If you think your bike helmets are good enough: think again. Consumer Reports tested nine adult helmets and only one had enough protection for their most stringent test. And for youth helmets (those for children ages 5 years and older)? Only one of the four helmets tested passed their toughest impact absorption tests. That’s just [...]

    So much of our sunscreen tests were done while at parks and playgrounds and at the sprinklers.  This is at Fort Greene Park.

    The Best Sunscreens: Reviews and Ratings

    by Nicole on 7/13/12 | 4 Comment(s)

    You can spend days researching and testing all the “good’ sunscreens out there. Believe me- I’ve done it. After 2 years of scrutinizing, ordering and testings various sunscreens- I have my “best sunscreens” list. And, I want to share it with you. Sunscreens for kids are widely available and there are just as many “informed” [...]


    Review of New Inflatable Car Seat: Perfect for Urban Parents

    by Nicole on 7/05/12 | 2 Comment(s)

    I dread getting in a taxi or car service without a car seat- and yet, I do it all the time. And, I admit, I’m guilty of taking 3 kids in a car (one without a car seat) on occasion. We just don’t own a floating car seat for carpooling friends.  Baby Bodyguards, a professional [...]

    Chewbeads are my favorite organic teether!

    Organic Teethers: What to Look for and Where to Find Them

    by Serena on 5/14/12 | 6 Comment(s)

    Teething is not only painful for babies- it’s painful for us parents. The screaming, crying and anxiety of hearing your child hurt can be awful. How do you soothe your child? I have tried everything from frozen peas to cold rings, necklaces, blanket or other chewable teethers – some work and others don’t. The problem [...]


    Blew My Tiara Off: Princess Party Gone Elegant

    by Nicole on 4/17/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    I’ve never felt more sorry for doing plastic superhero tablecloths and throwaway goodie bags than I did when I went to a recent 3 year old’s birthday party. When I walked in, I thought I had opened up the pages of Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine. This was the most elegant princess party I have ever [...]