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    NYC pool

    Summer is Here! Fun Weekday Events for June 24th-27th in Brooklyn & Manhattan!

    by Deirdre on 6/23/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Hi everyone! Summer is officially here and school is almost over for NYC public schools.  Just 2.5 more days!  Very exciting and that means NYC public pools will be open on Thursday the 27th.  See here for your closest pool. So on Wednesday afternoon there could be a lot of people looking for fun events [...]


    Fun Brooklyn & Manhattan Weekday Events for June 17th-20th

    by Deirdre on 6/16/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a relaxing fun Father’s Day.   We are officially schedule free in my house on the weekends now but seem to be just as busy with birthday parties.  Looking forward to the last day of NYC public schools (the 26th) when we can relax during the week too and get to [...]


    June 3rd-June 6th Weekday Events for Brooklyn & Manhattan

    by Deirdre on 6/02/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Hi everyone! Happy, happy June!  Did you know that Thursday June 6th is Chancellor’s Conference Day?  So that means no school for NYC public students!  The good news is that the Brooklyn Central Library is having a full day of fun Summer Reading Kick Off!  Also all of the Brooklyn library branches are doing  activities [...]


    The Best Sunscreens: Reviews and Ratings

    by Nicole on 5/16/13 | 1 Comment(s)

    Now that the weather is finally warming up and everyone’s planning for their summer activities, it’s time to think about using sunscreens again. You can spend days researching and testing all the “good’ sunscreens out there. And believe me- I’ve done it. After 4 years of scrutinizing, ordering and testings various sunscreens- I have my [...]


    Weekday events May 13th-May16th for Brooklyn & Manhattan

    by Deirdre on 5/12/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their Mother’s Day!  Hopefully you have your feet up while you are reading this and planning your week out.  At least the weather was better today! Now we are fully in Spring more places are open now for longer hours & more to do outside!  Has anyone been to [...]

    Dean Street mimosas

    Best Places for Mother’s Day Brunch 2013

    by Nicole on 5/06/13 | 2 Comment(s)

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner and going out to celebrate it with brunch is a time-honored tradition.  It usually includes a mimosa with everything from lamb to eggs benedict.  Brooklyn restaurants are celebrating Mother’s Day with prix fixe menus for both brunch and dinner. Some are even sweetening the deal with free dessert [...]


    Free Workshops For Your Brooklyn Business

    by Kim on 1/09/13 | 0 Comment(s)

    Whether you are a business owner, or considering starting a business, then January is full of opportunity to make your business shine.   BOC (Business Outreach Center) Business Center has plenty of workshops to help make your business healthy. Need financial advice in a hurry? The Financial Fitness Hotline is a free resource for women to [...]


    Meet Kim and Nicole!

    by Kim on 1/09/13 | 5 Comment(s)

    Hello everyone! Thanks to you all for your words of encouragement and congratulations.  We’ve received so many emails, calls, tweets, and shout-outs on Facebook in the past 24 hours that our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratitude. Nicole & Kim Before we get too far into this venture, we thought we’d tell you a [...]


    Holistic Moms- New Chapter Debuts This Week

    by Nicole on 1/07/13 | 1 Comment(s)

    Are you interested in holistic health or living green? Maybe you want to learn more about it or are an expert in the field. Either way, you will probably find some other like minded moms at the newly formed Brooklyn (Williamsburg/Greenpoint) chapter of Holistic Moms Network!™. Holistic Moms Network!™ is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization connecting [...]


    Review and Giveaway: Crazy about the Ninja 3-in-1

    by Nicole on 12/21/12 | 4 Comment(s)

    Regular readers to this blog know that I’m a terrible cook; I’m talking heated fish fingers and turkey burgers here.  So, when I got an email from a publicist asking me if I wanted to try a fabulous new easy cooker, I said, “heck, yes!”  The Ninja 3-in-1 arrived in October and it’s changed my [...]

    No, of course you won't be buying these vintage Ice Skates- but aren't they fabulous?!

    Where to Buy Used Ice Skates in Brooklyn

    by Nicole on 12/20/12 | 1 Comment(s)

    Gliding on fresh zambonied ice, sipping hot chocolate at break time, spinning perfectly on point- well, now I am just dreaming. But you don’t have to dream to find inexpensive ice skates in Brooklyn. Good Footing in Park Slope has new and used skates. (Used are mainly just available for children; as the store owner [...]

    Baby Bungee class (though this pic is from the Carroll Gardens location, the BH location will have the same class)

    Mommy Boxing + Baby Bungee + Climbing? Uh Huh!

    by Nicole on 12/18/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    Everyday Athlete® is a Brooklyn fitness studio that has some of the most glowing reviews of any business in our Marketplace.  So, it’s welcome news that the Carroll Gardens fitness company has opened a second location in Brooklyn Heights. The new studio’s central feature is a custom-built, 2,500-square-foot bouldering wall that’s integrated into classes from [...]

    Shannon Watts, Zionsville, launched One Million Moms for Gun Control on Facebook in the wake of the Connecticut shootings. She wants more than words, though. She wants action. / CHARLIE NYE / The Star

    Sandy Hook: What We Can Do Now in Brooklyn

    by Nicole on 12/18/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    This is my first post since the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. It is weighing heavily on all of us. I am on a roller coaster of emotion; one minute I feel soul-emptying grief, and at others such intense anger that I almost don’t recognize my own thoughts.  And, then I just feel so nakedly, [...]


    Latest Polling Site Changes in Brooklyn

    by Nicole on 11/06/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    Great updates from NY1 about polling site changes. Check the site for any new information, but this was the latest as of 1 minute ago! General info about the changes from NY1: “Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Monday that will allow registered New York voters in counties affected by Sandy to vote by [...]


    CANCELLED: Free Baby Massage and Product Toxicity Workshop by Seventh Generation

    by Nicole on 10/29/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    If you are looking for a way to soothe your baby in a relaxing way (for both of you!) then you might head to the free massage fest on November 8th.  Seventh Generation is hosting this public event in Park Slope with Tina Allen, a well-known baby massage expert. So, why is Seventh Generation hosting [...]

    Ina May at a birth

    Ina May Gaskin To Appear in NYC at Doc Festival

    by Nicole on 10/25/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    Ina May Gaskin is coming to town and tickets to view her documentary have already sold out for the evening show- but the daytime show has openings.  The birthing guru and author Ina May, attracts expecting parents, birth professionals, doctors and parents in droves.  When she came to Brooklyn a couple of years ago, the [...]


    Haunted House Movie on Monday

    by Nicole on 10/11/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    If you love classic movies and want to share them with your child in an actual theater, then head out to the popular series Big Movies for Little Kids. This series, begun by two mothers, is meant to be totally casual: no one minds if your child bursts into tears or runs into the aisles. [...]


    For Parents of Children with Special Needs

    by Nicole on 10/10/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    Parents of children with special needs can have their own emotional needs unmet as they navigate everything from finding therapists to navigating the NYC school system.  But who takes care of them? The Seleni Institute & Extreme Kids & Crew are hoping to do that with an upcoming workshop called, “Supporting the Supporters: A Workshop [...]


    Is Face Painting Dangerous?

    by Nicole on 10/10/12 | 2 Comment(s)

    It seems like every children’s event these days has an arts and crafts table with a face painter.  But, is that face paint safe? Two years ago, I did a post on face paint and the report issued by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics where researchers tested 10 different face painting kits, all commonly found [...]

    Chelsea galleries tour

    Need Culture? Stroller Tours Offer Art for First Run

    by Nicole on 10/04/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    Making the trek into the city to visit the hushed silence of Chelsea galleries with a baby seems rather….well, intimidating. I remember pumping milk in the bathroom of one of those galleries and feeling soooo lonely and so out of place. But, there’s strength in numbers. Two BoCoCa moms are betting that there are lots [...]


    Support Midwives with 5K Run and Wellness Fair

    by Nicole on 9/27/12 | 0 Comment(s)

    For many women, midwives are an important part of the birthing process but they aren’t always supported or even understood in our health care system. To help support midwives, raise awareness and raise funds for this cause, the NYC Chapter of American College of Nurse Midwives & Choices in Childbirth is holding the 10th Annual [...]


    Top of the Shop: Iris Lingerie and Bra Fitting

    by Nicole on 9/27/12 | 2 Comment(s)

    This is the twelfth installment of our feature called “Top of the Shop”. It’s a biweekly (well, sometimes!) look at a shop in Brooklyn. I hope that you see some new shops to visit or old shops that you might have forgotten about. Amazing photographer, Justine Cooper, took the gorgeous photos, although she is mainly [...]


    Radiators- Childproofing and Safety

    by Nicole on 9/27/12 | 10 Comment(s)

    Now that we are in September, those of us less inclined to the cold chill, have started our heat. That means steaming hot radiators and floor-to-ceiling scalding hot pipes. How do you child proof them and do you really need to? The short answers are: many ways, and definitely yes, yes! (We covered how to [...]

    Eagle Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint

    Favorite Places for Families in Greenpoint & Williamsburg

    by Nicole on 9/20/12 | 1 Comment(s)

    Williamsburg and Greenpoint are fast becoming THE place to raise a family in Brooklyn; between the pool finally opening and a sleuth of amazing places to shop, eat, play and ways to give back- it’s easy to see why. Jessica Glorieux and Donna Ladd launched Motherburg NYC in June 2012 to help parents in North [...]


    RIF is RIP?! Help Get it Back

    by Nicole on 9/11/12 | 3 Comment(s)

    If you have been to any Brooklyn library, you know how important RIF programs are to the branches: children attend story times and receive free books to build their home library. And, now it’s gone. Yes, GONE! Due to the loss of Federal funding, RIF programs at Brooklyn Public Library ended August 31, 2012. During [...]