The resale scene in Brooklyn grows with pop-up shops and online events

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Be Green Consigment Sale in Brooklyn Spring 2010

We have a great resale/consignment scene in Brooklyn with 4 resale shops for Brooklyn kids, 2 of which also sell maternity. Although I am never sure I will find exactly what I need, I seem to have great success going to each one for my specific needs. LuLu’s Then & Now has a robust collection of older children’s clothes including pants, jackets and shoes in great condition for my 5 year old. Livie and Boo has high-quality button-downs, rugby shirts and pants for my son (though not as large a selection for older boys as LuLu’s) and unique outfits for my 2 year old that rival what you would find in a boutique.  I visit Still Hip for books and rinky dink toys that they love. It’s an inexpensive trip to the “toy store.”  I haven’t been to Monk’s Trunk yet and Madison Rose Maternity will begin offering kids’ resale shortly, so I plan on making trips to both next month. Anyone have reviews of either of them so far?

In addition to the brick and mortar resale shops in Brooklyn, there are pop-up consignment/resale shops and online opportunities that afford parents more opportunities to sell and buy gently used kids’ clothes.

Babies, Kids and Maternity Resale Event
Two local moms are hosting a sale and want you to sell your clothes with them! If you don’t have much to sell, but need to buy, they will have clothes from newborn to 7Y, maternity clothes and shoes.   If you sell, you get 50% of the price of your gently used clothes. If the clothes/shoes do not sell, you pick them up or they donate them to a charity.
Details: Thursday, February 17, from 10:00 to 6:00pm   Friday, February 18, from 10:00 to 6:00pm   Saturday, February 19, from 10:00 to 5:00pm  at  The Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue (between Hoyt and Bond st).  Email to arrange a time for the drop off of your clothes and shoes. *Bring clothes and shoes in a closed bag with your name, email adress and cellphone on it.

Be Green Kids Consignments
Be Green Kids Consignments
, a seasonal kids consignment event that Brooklyn parents like a lot, will be holding their third sale in Dumbo from March 17-20, 2011. Families can participate by purchasing items at up to 90% off retail prices or you and buy and sell. Being a consignor means a lot of work- but as a couple of people pointed out last year, it seems worth it. Families have to prepare, tag and drop-off their items but Be Green Kids Consignments does the marketing and selling for you- and that can be worth the 35-40% cut they take.  Be Green Kids Consignments is anticipating over 300 shoppers throughout the weekend.
March 17-20, 2011 at the Dumbo Spot located at 160 Water Street, (Dumbo) Brooklyn from.  Families can register to consign at

This site, started by a mom, lets you swap children’s clothing and toys online with an interesting concept. Browse through other parents’ boxes of clothes, select one and pay just $5 plus shipping. Then send in a box of your own child’s clothes for another member to choose- and ship it off at no charge. When you sign up you receive 10 shipping boxes right away. My only concern, as a Brooklynite stuck with a decrepit post office, is the ease of shipping from the P.O. (not!). Members and boxes are both rated to keep good users at the top and bad users out of the game.

Peace.Love.Swap, started by a mom, produces large scale kid’s clothing and gear swap events, but their main focus in 2011 is helping moms across the US start their own successful swap. Their mission also includes a way to help your community by giving leftovers to charity.  They are looking for moms and dads so they can help you start swaps of your own. Sounds like the right kind of mission for a company called “Peace. Love.  Swap.”

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  1. This blog is gorgeous! I love it with so many great details. Good job!

  2. There are also a tremendous amount of great deals on furniture in consignment stores. The one linked to this article has some really nice and very rare stuff. Look around your area for resale furniture stores. Save money and fine furniture made out of real wood instead of pressboard.

  3. Here’s a new one we just added in Greenpoint.:

    Lulu’s Closet
    718a Manhattan Av close to Norman Av
    They are open 7 days a week 10 – 7 closed major holidays.

    Here’s the full post on it:

  4. Hi mothers of brooklyn babies – i’m trying to locate the woman who sells (or at least used to sell) baby clothes at the brooklyn indie market at caroll and union street. she does texturized appliques onto plain colored clothes (cute stuff like owls and frogs and things designed out of patched together fabrics), and I’ve bought one of her onesie’s for my friends first 2 kids and i need to find one for the 3rd! I don’t know her name or how to find her….


  5. We go to Lulu’s Then & Now A LOT and always find great stuff for both kids (ages 4 and 6.)

    Have been to a bag sale at Still Hip and scored a TON of clothes the kids used for everyday wear last summer — not fancy, but you don’t need fancy for summer, playgrounds, park and ice cream. Great value.

    Gotta get to Livvie and Boo! Sounds fab.

  6. Deirdre- wow! you know your shops! Thanks for all the great tips and info about each. I am going to try the Be Green Sale next year- I can’t even think about it now..but it seems like it is worth it.

  7. OMG LIZ! You are so right! How could I have forgotten Flying Squirrel. Thank for the much-needed reminder.

  8. We love the haircuts at Still Hip and the bag sales (think there is one soon!) and the variety of classes they have are great for meeting other families in the area (CPR to music!)

    Livvie & Boo has such adorable stuff for young girls but unfortunately my girl is too big for a lot of it (and too picky) and she does great photos on FB of ‘boo deals’

    Also both Still Hip & Livvie & Boo have brand new Melissa & Doug products for sale – awesome if you need a gift for a bday party!

    Be Green is ‘work’ but its all online and you price your own items and can track your items as they sell over the weekend which is fun to watch and they sell toys, diaper bags, clothes, boppys, books, room decor items, dvds etc so if you have a lot of stuff you want to get rid of its great and you can choose to take items back if they don’t sell or have them donated

  9. Flying Squirrel in Williamsburg is an awesome 2ndhand shop, too. They have lots of clothes, and some books and toys.

  10. Thanks for your comments on those shops- agree with it all. I also love that Still Hip is such a great space to meet other parents and a play space. We also get our kids’ hair cut there- cheaply and well done. I totally neglected to mention that in my post.

  11. Love love love Livvie & Boo. The quality of the garments is flawless. She launders and steams each one before putting it out. Always find tons of stuff for my toddler and Pre-K daughters. Great shoes too. A tad pricier than your average resale shop, but she offers only designer labels at a fraction of retail. Still Hip is a neighborhood institution – just scored two awesome pairs of brand new rain boots at super reasonable prices. Love it!


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