Want to “Raise a Good Sleeper”? We Have a Discount if You Do!

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Who wouldn’t want to raise a good sleeper?! Imagine this: a full night’s good sleep for you and your partner…. and upon waking, you find you have a cheery baby who has also had a good night’s sleep! Not that she is making any promises, but Dr. Janet Kennedy (aka the NYC Sleep Doctor), will give you the steps on making that a real possibility during her new workshops at Tribeca Parenting.

If you start early with helping your baby grow into a good sleeper, you may avoid the struggle of sleep training later on. When our youngest, Willow, was 5 months, I got mono and needed major sleep. Willow was doing that “baby thing” of waking up from her naps after 45 minutes and though she was exhausted, she couldn’t get back to sleep. I would rock her in the glider before trying to transfer her to the co-sleeper and then wahhh! she woke up the moment I tried to put her down. I ended up just sleeping with her in the glider for days on end. I called the NYC Sleep Doctor to help dig us out of the sleeping abyss we had fallen into.

Dr. Kennedy taught me methods to help Willow soothe herself back to sleep. We learned everything from recognizing her favorite sleep positions and sleepy signs to establishing a good schedule to get some control over our sleep patterns. It helped tremendously and when Willow eventually learned ways to get herself back to sleep, I made my own way back to recovery.

Here is the scoop on the 2 hours clinics that will be taught at Tribeca Parenting locations in Park Slope, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Tribeca and the Upper East Side. The one in Fort Greene starts this Tuesday (January 24th).

How to Raise a Good Sleeper:
For expectant parents and parents of babies 0-12 months

You will learn:

  • The basics of infant sleep patterns
  • How to make sure your child is well rested
  • Soothing techniques for fussy babies
  • How to help your child learn to put herself to sleep
  • How to avoid excessive crying
  • How to address sleep problems as they arise
  • … and how to keep the whole family well rested!

No single method fits every family’s needs, just as there is no one way for infants to sleep. Let’s get away from sleep advice that doesn’t work for you, and we’ll find real, productive solutions for your family. Taught by Dr. Janet Kennedy, the NYC Sleep Doctor, these workshops will teach you to get more and better sleep for both you and your baby.

Details: $75 per couple. Please feel free to bring your baby! See Schedule and Register. If you do a phone registration they are offering our readers a $10 discount if you mention “A Child Grows”. (646) 863-4500

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  1. Thanks, Karen, for that glowing recommendation! I’m teaching at TriBeCa Parenting twice a month at various locations and I occasionally speak at Chana’s Baby Bites Brooklyn events. The TriBeCa Parenting classes offer a smaller group setting with a bit more in-depth information and problem solving. And you can use Flexible Spending funds to pay for it. Baby Bites offers a great meal and an opportunity to connect more with other parents in similar situations. Both settings will give you the information you need to get on the road to good sleep!


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