Where to go for hearing tests in NYC

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This year for various reasons we needed to test Birch’s hearing.  You can see from the photo above, he had a great time with the place we found (and this was even at the end of his appointment).  I had asked on my Facebook page if people could recommend a pediatric ENT and quite a few people recommended I start with the NY Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Fortunately, the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary takes many different kinds of insurance, however if you use their Urgent Care, they are not authorized to bill for emergency services, therefore all those visits are  billed as a clinic visit.

I called the Ear Institute and got an appointment at the Hearing and Learning Center the next week.  The Hearing and Learning Center specializes in evaluating and rehabilitating extremely young children, difficult to test children and children with auditory processing disorders. I was so glad to know that they would be patient with my doctor-sensitive child.

The Ear Institute, as a whole, treats not just kids but also adults who need cochlear implantation, medical and surgical otology and neurotology, hearing and balance disorders.

The experience there was fantastic. The Center had appointments at many convenient times, they greeted us warmly at the reception desk and there were small waiting rooms that were private and cozy.

But the real test came when the audiologist and her assistant came to greet us and showed us into the special soundproofed room for diagnostic evaluation.

The effervescent audiologist explained the testing process thoroughly to Birch and me, let him handle the equipment and even insert the ear tubes himself, that we had no problem at all when it came to the test.

We got a copy of the full report in the mail a few days later, and an additional copy was sent to our pediatrician. They took care of everything, and we even got lollipops at the end of the visit. (P.S. – his hearing, luckily, turned out to be fine).

The Ear Institute
The Hearing & Learning Center
The Cochlear Implant Center
The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
380 Second Avenue (21st-22nd Streets)
9th Floor
New York, NY  10010
(646) 438-7800 Main Number
(646) 438-7809 FAX
(646) 438-7801 Audiology
(646) 438-7802 Cochlear Implants
(646) 438-7806 Hearing Aid Center

** 24-Hour Urgent Care **

The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
310 E. 14th Street at Second Avenue)
New York, NY 10003 (in Manhattan)
Appointment Line: (212) 979-4192

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  1. HI A
    What a disaster! Strangely enough, I didn’t need a doctor’s recommendation to make an appt and asked them to test my son b/c his teachers thought he might have an issue. They booked me in immediately and the whole experience was exceedingly pleasant. I’ve never heard anyone say anything but great things about this place- maybe it was a bad day at the office? At any rate, it’s a total bummer that they behaved that way to you.

  2. Just called them to make appointment.. the very snobish receptionist would not listen to me trying to ask why can’t I skip the doctors check to determine if my son needs a hearing test or not, since he already had one and was reffered for a second. This clinic wants me to wait 2 and a half weeks for appointment, come all the way with my son (who will miss a day of school), go through an exam from a doctor– just to make another appointment, wait another month and come all the way again, missing another day of school.
    After begging- she listened, briefed me with” hold on”, and put me on hold for 25 minutes until line was disconnected.
    Second time I called- a sharp nasty receptionist spoke to me as if I was really disturbing her coffee time, and when I asked to speak to clinic manager put me on hold– just to be disconnected again.
    My time is worth a little more. VERY DISSAPOINTING.

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